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Before The Fall


King Aurelio gazed out of his large bedroom window and towards the Kingdom of Aeris which he had acquired just a few days back after fighting the King of Saris, the most vicious and cunning King in the entirety of the realms. The night had ended in celebration, with drinks in plentiful and food in abundance in the banquet hall where he hosted the finest of men and women in the entirety of Aeris and beyond.

He had managed to keep within the one desire he wished for all his life, which he knew too well might step on the feet of the gods who had granted him the “Sceptre of Power” to defeat his enemies. He walked out of his room, donning his finest robe and with a wild smile across his lips as the guards tailed him from behind and ushered him into the large meeting room where the representatives of the gods awaited his Royal presence.

“It is wonderful that you are all here!” King Aurelio giggled wildly and clapped his hands together in the process.

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A lesson on Hard Work and Perseverance

“I never expected the sun to be so bright today,” Tommy said to his younger cousin, George, and his grandfather, Joe. “Wasn’t it raining this morning?”

Joe looked up at the sky and nodded. “It was, but only a little,” he said. “I think it’s a beautiful day to be at the beach.”

George poured a bucket of sand onto the ground. “Do I need to get more?” he asked.

Tommy looked at the growing pile of sand and nodded, “Yes, you do. That isn’t enough to bury you with.”

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