Before The Fall


King Aurelio gazed out of his large bedroom window and towards the Kingdom of Aeris which he had acquired just a few days back after fighting the King of Saris, the most vicious and cunning King in the entirety of the realms. The night had ended in celebration, with drinks in plentiful and food in abundance in the banquet hall where he hosted the finest of men and women in the entirety of Aeris and beyond.

He had managed to keep within the one desire he wished for all his life, which he knew too well might step on the feet of the gods who had granted him the “Sceptre of Power” to defeat his enemies. He walked out of his room, donning his finest robe and with a wild smile across his lips as the guards tailed him from behind and ushered him into the large meeting room where the representatives of the gods awaited his Royal presence.

“It is wonderful that you are all here!” King Aurelio giggled wildly and clapped his hands together in the process.

Aramis stood up immediately with the “staff of authority” as he gently bowed down to the King.

“We have been waiting for you your Highness”, Aramis greeted, while the subordinates around tilted their heads to the ground in mimicry.

King Aurelio ignored their greeting and stormed to the throne, beside which was the “Sceptre of Power” which he had ordered nobody to touch until he arrived.

He looked around the large hall and counted ten people of importance in general, from his ministers to dignitaries from the shrine who waited on him to make the decision they had agreed upon before he got handed the Sceptre.

He smiled wildly and laid bare a few teeth, before gripping the Sceptre in his right hand tightly and speaking, “I lay claim to this and denounce the gods as the rightful owners of the power this Sceptre holds!”

Gasps erupted in the room and with it came some grumbles and incoherent murmurs.

“Your Highness, I don’t need to remind you that that Sceptre, which belongs to Zeus himself was the sole reason for your success against the Aramgtes”, Aramis reminded the greedy king whose humility had suddenly been lost. “It is only right that you rule Aeris, but return the Sceptre to Zeus’s care”.

King Aurelio indulged Aramis until he had gotten through talking, before lifting the Sceptre and pointing it towards the servant of the gods. In an instant, Aramis caught on fire and burnt into a crisp while others were too stricken with fear to speak against what the King had done. They wore blank expressions on their faces and shivered dearly as their knees threatened to buckle.

“Does anyone else wish to challenge my authority?” King Aurelio asked while looking around.

Nobody dared speak in the process.


It had been a week since King Aurelio forcefully claimed permanent ownership of the Sceptre of Power, and with it, he rained terror and war against every single disciple of the gods so as to eradicate anyone willing to take back the power he now craved for dearly. He killed every worshipper in the temple and around the shrines built for the gods and held the younger ones captive before Zeus’s statue in the Temple of Zidar where he hoped to end it all.

“As much as I would have loved to let you young souls live, I cannot relinquish this power in my hand”, he noted with a wry smile.

King Aurelio lifted the Scepter and pointed it at Zeus’s statue which stood at hundreds of feet tall, commanding the bronze erected statue to melt away in smothering larva and bring an end to the young lives in the temple before him.

“I command you to do my bidding!’ he yelled and waited.

His wait turned out to be in vain, as the statue remained as it was and began to glow, In sync with the Scepter in his hand. The Scepter grew red hot and burnt King Aurelio’s hand and forced the King to let go of it as it dropped to the ground.

“My hand! My hand!” he cried aloud in pain and misery.

His right had gotten engulfed by the red hotness of the Sceptre and it continued to spread rapidly across his entire body until he caught on fire completely. Everyone in the temple watched on in horror as King Aurelio fell to his knees and wailed in pain as the fire continued to blaze louder with no end in sight.

They had seen his end right from the moment he chose to hold onto what wasn’t his…


Moral Lesson: It is important to be a person of integrity and humility. These two qualities are very important in becoming successful, and maintaining the success.



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